Saturday, January 24, 2009

First love words

All the movies I've watched, all the novel I've read, failed to fail to not come true, even a little scene or a coincidence, she thought.

A moment later, a young man walked in, a family friend, with her brother to check upon the little baby her sister, a while ago, gave birth to.

She was sitting by the table, reading.

After finishing their hellos, the visitors sat in chairs by the baby, their backs to the table. They were very occupied with the baby, they didn't notice her staring at them, at him to be specific.

He was wearing a light green blouse, and a light brown pants. She couldn't help to notice his new hair cut and the way his fingers went through his neck, nor could she help to notice how dashing and astonishing he was.

She forced herself back to focus on the book in her hands, she was reading but failing to follow the author with the exciting events that were about to take place.

They left earlier than she expected, and her sister was back afterwards, so she returned to her comfy room.

Months later,

She was the same, if stubborn then she remained the same, if sweet then that's what she remained. -The story-teller has not gotten to know her well, so the story will be continued the same way it begun, no deep feelings, writing what is obvious to the eye-

One day, in the early morning, she woke up and made plans with her friend to go out. After doing what she usually did that very hour, and then she went to sit with her mother awhile.

"You know why do you keep yourself buried in that room of yours? Go visit your sisters, go out with your friends, do what people are doing in your age!"

"What do 'people at my age' doing mom?"

"I don't know. You're the one who's their age!"

"Well, I don't know too. They're all obsessive and shallow! All they care's what trends people in the US are following, and certain people think of them!", She said that very passionately, then keeping her cool attitude, she continued, "You know I've got no interest in that!"

"Yes, that's why you keep at that little room and never go out."

"Listen mom, it's not bothering me, and neither should it bother you. Listen I'm going out with T today. So don't wait for me at lunch."

She went to her room to get ready, leaving her mother smiling to herself.

At a bench, she was sitting with her friend, they were talking and gossiping about recent events. Then, she noticed a guy smiling at her, she suddenly realized that this was 'the dashing, astonishing dude'. Quickly she nodded and half smiled to him. He immediately understood her nod and changed his way.

A week later,

She received an anonymous message :"You'll never know. But the possibility remains. It's no great mystery who I am but I'll remain un-identified maybe for long. And if you return I'll know what I need to know from your eyes No replies needed.", an hour before her flight took off to nowhere. She was confused, she tried to think who he was, now whether she knew who he was, the story-teller cannot say because a promise has been made to her to keep her ending, but she has given her permission to this part:

She enjoyed the first true love words she's received in her life, she thought them to be perfect because they were from the heart and went straight forward to her heart.